Bosses Temporada 2015

Illenk was born from the concern of Lorena Martin to reuse natural materials.
Initially she reuse bird feathers, unusual seeds of fruit, little stones from the Minorca beaches, the loved island where she was born, creating small sculptures and jewelry that she give away or wear with pride. She began traveling, and the need for lightweight hands, led her to work in jewelry for many years, looking for organic materials, and trying to be respectful with the environment and with her own values.

She has worked macrame, silver, wood and other materials, but for years is dedicated to the production of skin accessories and jewelry. When she discovered this material she saw in it a lot of possibilities that still has not tired of research.

This way led her to fashion from a unique and different perspective. The curiosity to learn has led her to discover a product with character and personality, able to create trend.

In Illenk, we produce works that are based on local tradition, and, at the same time, we open the doors to global influences. The travels continue, and with them, the inspiration into the diferent minoritary cultures that we know. We introduce new materials such as bone, painted crystals, exotic seeds and other items brought from different peoples and traditions from around the world.

Lorena Martí

Lorena Martí

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