Isabel Arias

Artisan Jewelry

Isabel Arias’ workshop is located in the centre of the Island. She is the creator of these wonderful pieces, which are made with a unique design and are limited editions.

These designs are made with the art of macramé, an artistic technique based on making knots involving manual labour.

To do this job, she uses waxed, high quality fiber threads interspersed with silver, nickel silver or brass, on which she adds semi-precious stones from all over the world; Asian red coral, jade and obsidian South America, Europe quartz and African amber.

The development of each piece takes time and is the result of the inspiration she has at that moment. It´s a unique process and is inspired by a moment of her life. It´s all about that touch, that feeling, melody that creates a memory, an everyday situation, a moment already lived. All this makes each piece unique and makes it an object that every woman wears, highlighting her femininity.

Where you can find me?

  • Ciutadella Craft Market from 19h to 24h
  • - monday and friday from june to september
  • - wednesday too in july and august
  • Mercadal Craft Market from 19h to 23h
  • - els dijous de juny a setembre


  • instagram: @isabelariasmenorca
  • email:
  • phone: 616049651