Juan F. Maldonado

Artesà Bisuter

My name is Juan F. Maldonado and I was born in 1980 in Madrid. I studied to become a sociologist, but since 2001 I have dedicated myself to working with jewelry.

My trainings have been largely self-taught and is a result of sharing knowledge with other craftsmen and artists from many countries, sectors and disciplines. Apart from applying jewelry, leather, esparto or macramé on materials, I also use techniques with Metal.

I have been living in Menorca for six years and this is where I have developed my creative side where I focus my work on nature and traditions.

You can find my work in unnajoya.jimdo.com and during the summer months in Pasearte- Fornells.

Where you can find me?

  • On summer month in Pasearte-Fornells


  • unnajoya.jimdo.com