Pilar Puerto

Fire enameller

Since I was a little girl I liked to imagine a world full of colors and materialize it, I used to paint on small pieces of paper and cut them out. I loved to explore all the possibilities and experimenting with different materials and techniques. I am very lucky that I made from this game a passion and also my profession.

I start from a copper sheet to make my pieces. I give them a shape by cutting and filing the metal, and I also give them volume with different hammers and chisels. Then I apply the enamel, a glass powder in different colors. I place it on the surface of the metal with a brush and then I vitrify it. I use a high temperature kiln (850 – 900 ° C) so the enamel melts and becomes shiny. I put several layers of enamel and I fire them each time, so that the copper plate is completely covered by the glass.

I studied in Madrid, first I did a degree in Art History, at the Complutense University, there I discovered the enamel technique developed by the goldsmiths of the Middle Ages. Later I wanted to know the secrets of this very special technique, so I went to the School of Art (Escuela de Arte 3) where I course a degree focused on Vitreous Enamel. I set up a small workshop at home and I experimented with this art, so little by little I have developed my style and my personal technique. I focused on enamelling miniatures and jewelry. In order to learn how to work better the metal and make silver pieces for my enamels, I did some jewelry courses, at the Barajas institute, in LalaBeyou’s workshop and at the jewelry school in Alcalá de Henares.

After making some trips to Menorca and falling in love with the island, in 2019 I decided to move my studio to Mahón and train more in artistic jewelry techniques at the Menorca School of Art.


  • email: pilarpuerto.esmalte@gmail.com
  • instagram: @pilarpuerto.esmalte