The Asociation

Entremans is an association composed solely of professional artist in Minorca.

We want to make a commitment for the future, a model of organization with the aim of defending the rights of the craftsmen and a social proposal of; seriousness and effectiveness.

Entremans was founded with the desire to represent, promote and defend the interests of the artist members. Its purpose is to promote all crafts on the island of Minorca.

Our goals are:


  • To Introduce and educate you in the crafts of Minorca and seek new channels to expand.
  • To encourage the work of our partners through exhibitions, national and international exchanges.


  • To recover ancient craft techniques through trainings, and modernizomg and updating them.


  • To intensify discussions throughout our conferences to create new ideas, and to enrich and update the world of crafts.


  • To collaborate and participate with other associations to form associations of entities with identical or similar purposes.


  • To encourage the crafts qualification level.


  • To intervene in regulating the sector, controlling the quality and authenticity of the products.